Our facilities include the following locations:

Welcome to Compassionate Living

Quality Care Facilities located in Leamington and Essex, Ontario.

Compassionate Living offers three Quality Care Facilities located in Leamington and Essex, Ontario - Seniors Retirement Home, Respite and Elderly Care, and Rest Home for the mentally ill.

Each facility provides a high level of quality care and accommodations in a safe environment, backed by a dedicated team of trained professionals and care givers. A place where your loved ones are treated with respect, dignity and privacy at all times. Even the owners themselves are actively involved in all care giving aspects. Relatives and visitors are always welcome.

Over 10 years ago, Kathy Edwards recognized a growing demand for reputable Homes in the Leamington area, both to meet the needs of an aging population, as well as for younger adults who seek guidance in everyday living activites. Kathy's health care background and extensive experience in managing a rest home, led her to pursue her vision of providing compassionate care in a home-like enviornment to all people, regardless of financial status and/or mental health.

By 2008, Kathy opened several quality care facilites that are beautifully renovated with warm colour schemes, antiques and new age furnishings. Staff are carefully chosen to promote the same vision as the owner. "See past the age, mental illness, or poor health, and see the person." Each facility is dedicated to the special needs of the residents with 24 hour care, medical staff, and nutritional home cooked meals/snacks provided. Staff are always available to assist with the residents' personal care and/or to listen to their problems or concerns. Expereince compassionate living in your new home away from home.